Zuhlke is a leading independent technology and consultancy company focussed on providing bespoke software solutions, product innovation, management consulting and start-up financing. Zuhlke’s interdisciplinary teams adopt a holistic approach to creating solutions using state-of-theart processes, methods and technology. With over 8000 successful projects to our credit we know how to achieve outstanding results for our clients by applying a fresh and unique blend of innovative thinking, experience and engineering discipline.

With our teams in United Kingdom, Switzerland, Germany, Serbia and Austria we like to stay close to our customers and are fully committed to ethical business, operating with the utmost integrity not only with clients but employees, partners and shareholders alike. As an independent company Zuhlke are free to select without compromise the right technologies and suppliers to best suit our customer needs.

Zuhlke Internship

About the Intership

As an intern at Zuhlke you will work on a temporary basis as part of your studies, typically for about half a year or three months during the summer. However, positions might also be available during the winter. You will take on exciting projects in the field of software development which range from mobile and medical devices to bespoke enterprise solutions.

Typically you will perform analysis or development tasks with a research focus and you will be assigned to a Business Unit as a valued and valuable staff member.

Required Education and Experience

  • Enrolled in B.S. or M.S. degree in Computer science or Engineering and/or related degree
  • 1–2 years of programming experience
  • A passion for technology

Key Competencies

  • Higher than average grades
  • Interested in practical applications of research
  • Quality orientation
  • A flair for programming in one or more languages
  • An inquisitive and innovative nature
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Strong analytical and problem solving skills

The benefits

  • A dedicated mentor to guide, advise and assist you on project based assignments
  • An ethical, trust based culture
  • Working alongside some of the most technically gifted people in the industry
  • Varied and challenging assignments


  • Distributed systems and integration
  • Flexible modelling
  • Software performance optimisation
  • Data centric computing, NoSQL data storage and Big Data related topics
  • Tools and techniques for software security, quality, and performance test
  • Cloud computing
  • Embedded software